Adam Rice’s Message from France

Gilets Jaunes coming to America

Adam- So here is a basic text update for what has been seen so far:

We attended manifest in Paris this past Saturday. We had a late start to our day and missed the first initial march and caught the tail end of it. When I arrived we saw a street closed off by a massive police presence and many gilets jaunes dancing in the street to bob Marley surrounded by cops. Eventually the police forced everyone out so we moved to La Place De Republique. When we arrived there was a massive rave occurring in the square aside the protesting revolutionaries. Shortly after arriving we began to march.

At one point we stoped to take pictures with supporting locals and our american flag until BOOM!! From behind us there again was a large squad of CRS firing flash bangs at the backs of the marching citizens. It was when the third explosion occurred only feet from our persons that we ran. I could see the explosion it was so close. We took a corner and followed others running for cover and ultimately looped back to find the crowd.

We found shortly after that the CRS had cordoned off the street and were not letting people through. Several officers were picking fights with senior citizens, and another was kicking chairs over at a restaurant where uninvolved citizens were eating. As they persisted we grabbed our flag and faced these jerks. We stood tall and proud as more french gilets jaunes followed and we chanted in french until they retreated. Soon after we sang a celebratory song and returned to the plaza.

When we got back to the plaza we almost couldnt get in as there were more cops than id seen in my life. We retrieved our friend kate by the monument and were again forced across the street by the mobs of police. A brief stare down occurred and the people again decided to not take this shit. We got our flag out again and stood strong in the street and spoke to many about our intentions as American Yellow Vests. There were definitely mixed opinions at first about our flag at first glance, but once explaining our intentions it was empowering to all involved. Speaking about liberating America from tyranny, equality, peace, ending wars, preserving nature, and more often led us to understand we are all after the same ends. We talked to many about how the French and Americans have typically been united in revolution and it was time to do it again.

So the crowd marched again towards the line of police who again retreated. It was only briefly after that everyone turned on a dime and ran away again. I still dont know what they were running from but as soon as it appeared no danger was present we made our third stand and faced the jerks. We spoke with a man from Poland briefly about global unity and decided we should finally retreat ourselves. As we left it appeared that the police succeeded in dispersing the crowd.

We spent the night in Paris and rode back with a big spokesperson here named Jeremy Clement. I had been following him since News2share interviewed him. We stopped for lunch and discussed doing our own interview this week, as well as getting Yellow Vest from America on the TV here. I explained how I wanted to show the world that people in America do care about what is important, and we are ready to stand up. That we wished to share a message of unity, love, and courage. The most exciting part of this encounter was his offer to bring a group of their organizers here and French media in the beginning of June. We agreed it is no time to wait, and the world is very ill and only the people can/will fix this. Over the next few days I believe we will work out the details of this, and hopefully come June we will see the French standing with America in some meaningful places for returning power to the people, and R.I.C.! Once confirmed, I will be screaming this from the mountaintops. We are thinking of picking four locations for now: Denver, Utah, Twin Ports MN, The Statue Of Liberty, and our original capital: Philadelphia, PA. Locations will naturally be able to be worked out once all parties involved have more time to discuss, but the main point is WE INTEND TO BRING THE REVOLUTION HOME!

To conclude, the police here suck!!! There are way too many of them, and the government here is doing everything they can to suppress free speech. Everything is on camera, and it often feels like Nazi occupied Germany seeing the police presence here. The Gilets Jaunes never back down or give up, and seeing that first hand could not possibly be more empowering. We managed to stay safe and unharmed in the face of these events, but also realized pretty quickly it takes bravery to defy insurmountable odds.

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