The Gele Hesjes in The Netherlands Hold A Large Multi-National March

       Today in the Dutch city of Maastricht contrary to the narrative in mainstream news, thousands marched today in manifestation of the Gele Hesjes, or Yellow Vest Movement. The number of attending in the news lists only 800 people, but according to sources who were there it was actually 2,135 people marching in the first multi-nation march to date. The arrests were minimal, as the Gele Hesjes are a nonviolent movement. The incident happened when one protester was using fireworks that hit another person. A Yellow Vest member was attempting help the person when he was attacked by a police officer. He responded by saying “why are you hitting me you idiot?” and was arrested. The person involved was subsequently released after 4 hours. In the news article listed, you can truly see the disconnect between what happened in reality, and the narrative pushed by media outlets. It is alleged that the fireworks were thrown intentionally at an individual, when the truth was it was simply an accident and the person arrested for ‘insulting’ was actually attempting to aide the injured person.

       The Dutch Gele Hesjes are standing against their Prime Minister Rutte who is involved with the corrupt globalist Bilderberg Group. Maastricht was chosen for this National March because it is there that they made a monetary union (the euro) via the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. Before today, the Gele Hesjes have been running each Saturday since December 1 at the Limburg Capital. Mark Rutte is of the VVD Political Party in the Netherlands and has a disastrously low approval rating. Many protesters are calling to leave the EU among standing up to changes over the past few years that make it harder for citizens. People are finding they have to travel further to doctors appointments where hospitals have closed, and they see their solution to that and many other things in their society as being binding referendums. They call for unity in this time because they need everyone to make this happen, and urge people to stay vigilant in recognizing ‘divide and conquer’ tactics, and advocate too for taking a stand against fake news. They want to use these binding referendums so all people can vote on reforms regarding taxes, healthcare, market forces, distribution of their prosperity, immigration and asylum policy, regulation from the EU, and to ensure the elected officials must represent the people first. On their groups page, they want Democracy as it was intended and that if the people don’t agree with their leaders choices then they will go back to the drawing board as they put it. Similar to the Gilets Jaunes in France, they too are advocating for the people setting parties aside and use binding referendums to course correct their socio-economic system as a whole.

       There were also protests held in Belgium today. Organizers gathered at the IKEA furniture department where they called out the fact that this company makes Million’s in profit yet continues to terminate employment. They expressed anger with the company destroying too many forests to make their products, and that they are not contributing a fair tax share as a large business proportional to profit. The protesters also manifested at a local Coca-Cola plant where they voiced similar complaints. In another page out of the Netherlands it talks about how this was a big event for the Gele Hesjes as it was the first time a concise message was seen, and there were French, Belgian, and German citizens standing behind it today in Maastricht. This location in particular is significant to all Europeans due to the treaty mentioned above. Before 1992 the EEG existed and worked fine, but as many agree the people in power wanted more and thus the Euro was born. Now most of these countries are standing up to the EU and want more citizen involvement in government through binding referendums. Like most countries who have taken up this call, they want real Democracy and do not view a system where you vote politicians in every 4 years as being that. Many Dutch who feel this way do so with supporting evidence in their Remkes report, where it was hinted in December that Dutch Democracy is not working good enough for the people.

       One thing is abundantly clear, this idea is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Each country seems to be experiencing the same issues in their own way. The solution is always the same, true democracy and the people having much more power over the laws being created in their countries. I’ve been inspired by the Dutch from the start as they have been vigilantly nonviolent and that can be seen in the fact that the only arrest made was for calling a policeman an idiot. Today marks a giant success for the Gele Hesjes as they not only held their first large march, but they did so with individuals from all over Europe!

-Adam Rice

February 2, 2019

Sources used outside of people who were actually there:

Gele Hesjes NL On Facebook