A Hypothesis On Dialectics To Combat Mind Control And Mental Repression

FORWARD: This will not be like many of my other articles, but is still something I believe will benefit everyone. After my trip to France last month I planned several pieces to write but believe this may be the most important. I saw while there as much division and difference of opinion as we have in America but people stood united every Saturday. People who argued most days of the week could still fight the system in unison on the weekends. It finally clicked for me that many things I have learned in my own life could be assembled a certain way and may help accomplish this at home. I will break this article into sections for efficiency in the aim of providing a method to defy divide and conquer tactics. I believe these tools can not only help individuals defeat psychological operations but also act as mediators to their fellow activists. This will for a while be a work in progress that will ideally become a part of planning direct action at home. I also believe all knowledge should be free, so it will always be available online as it is modified.

1. Psychological Operation – “Operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”My article providing more information on subject: http://truth4change.com/psyops/

2. Psychologically Controlled Environment – “PSYOPS” rest on the controlled environment and is how division is created. Infiltrators will always create first the controlled environment so they can manipulate the people they steer into it.

3. Divide And Conquer – “To use a combination of political, military and economic strategies that aim to gain and maintain power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. To rule securely, do not allow alliances between your enemies. A strategy for achieving political or military control.”

4. Dialectical Behavior Therapy – “Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy. Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, cope healthily with stress, regulate emotions, and improve relationships with others. DBT therapy is comprised of 12 skills that fall into 4 categories with the idea that opposites can be integrated to form a close approximation of the truth.” My article about how this therapy should, and could replace pharmaceutical medications for most mental illnesses, that explains these methods in depth: http://truth4change.com/an-informed-opinion-on-why-cognitive-therapies-are-safer-and-more-effective-than-pharmaceutical-drugs/

5. Emotional Regulation – DBT skills to reduce emotional vulnerabilities, cope with unpleasant emotions when they do arise, and increasing positive experiences to maintain a balance of ones experiences.

6. Interpersonal Effectiveness – DBT Skills regarding how to have healthy relationships as well as how to be assertive without becoming aggressive or leading oneself to experience emotional intensity.

7. Distress Tolerance – DBT skills to reduce emotional intensity and accepting a given situation with a minimum of 4 skills: Distract, Self Soothe, Improve The Moment, and Think Of Pros And Cons. There are a few more skills I will describe in the application section. Essentially this is skills to remain calm when on feels they can’t.

8. Mindfulness – Focusing on being present in the moment and often uses the term wise mind. This DBT module is formed based on Buddhist philosophies that have significant merit.

9. Intentional Peer Support – “A way of of thinking about and inviting trans-formative relationships. Practitioners learn to use relationships to see things from new angles, develop greater awareness of personal and relational patterns, and support and challenge each other in trying new things.”

1-3: Whether we like it or not, psyop’s will happen regardless of our stance on the matter. It is my belief that the knowledge of their existence alone can be one in itself. The perpetual wondering of if someone is a provocateur can breed distrust and limit ones ability to branch out in their activist communities. The more successful our movements become, the more these tactics will be used. By corralling people into dialectically opposed groups they can efficiently dismantle any group. I believe DBT skills will be the solution to these tactics because it is the only natural remedy i can find to create balance in situations like that. Movements like Yellow Vest or Anonymous will continually be manipulated by professionals to delve into small issues and fight over them if not properly educated. I highly recommend everyone read my article above on this and watch the 1 hour video on that page to thoroughly understand this concept. We will likely never know who all the provocateurs are as I’ve found it nearly impossible online to differentiate between the pros and people who are just misguided. By learning how these tactics work we can focus less on perpetually searching for bad seeds, and instead maintain sure footing in the psychologically controlled environment. This will be paramount to any work done online, but equally relevant when boots are on the ground. Understanding this ahead of time will save stress and prevent violence.

4-8: Nature is full of opposing forces and this type of therapy is based on a concept that if balance between opposing forces can be observed in nature then it too is possible in the human mind. Any number of things can lead to an individual experiencing dis-regulation and when talking on psyop’s it directly causes dialectical dis-regulation between one or more people. We will likely not be able to defy all of these occurrences by prevention alone so I believe it will be very necessary to learn how to repair the balance between opposing forces in our movements. The first module entitled Mindfulness is essentially the method to control your own mind without it controlling you. Through this concept individuals can become more aware of their cognitive experience and discern their emotions and remain free of judgement. It depends primarily on focusing on what works (effective), stay in the present (one mind), learn to distinguish between thoughts and facts, remain non-judgmental, and learning to be less reactive. The module interpersonal effectiveness is all about interacting with others. Individuals will learn to express beliefs while avoiding conflict, set boundaries, negotiate compromises, and more. In the mental health field this module is paramount to learning to have better relationships. In this application, I believe through education on these practices can be used to have healthy debates and broker compromises if members of a movement are divided over an issue. Distress tolerance can easily be termed crisis management as these skills help individuals manage stressful situations and make wise decisions. These skills can reduce ones emotional intensity by utilizing healthy methods of self soothing. The parasympathetic nervous system can prevent logical thought when emotions run high and a big part of DBT is balancing your logical and emotional minds to return to “wise mind”. Emotional regulation really speaks for itself. Through these skills individuals learn to not be ruled by their emotions so they can experience feeling without acting on impulse. Often times psyop’s are baiting people to increase their emotional intensity so that they become impulsive and act irrationally. Learning all four of these modules and their related skills will be imperative. I will affix many resources on this alone to the end of the document. I do not in any intend to imply that everyone needs therapy, but believe these concepts can be “re-purposed” effectively. Any negative outcome of a provocateur’s psyop can be remedied through application of these skills in a unique way. It will likely be different for everyone, but I feel there is no better way to fight mind control than to reclaim your mind from its captors. DBT is not a standard type of therapy, it takes time to master and is taught in a classroom setting where individuals go home each week with homework. Having gone through this myself I can say without a doubt mastering these concepts will greatly improve anyone’s life and leave them with valuable skills, but will require continual practice. I believe if we all step outside the box and view psyop’s as a treatable cognitive distortion, DBT will be the most effective remedy.

9: Having experienced both being a peer support specialist and receiving their help, this concept is dear to my heart. The idea behind peer support is that individuals who have recovered from addiction or mental illness can be a huge support to others who struggle and in doing so can keep themselves well. Many may be familiar with the 12th and final step in alcoholics anonymous, service to others. In conventional applications a peer support specialist will give a portion of their time to others and pick them up while in crisis. I intend to outline in the next section how this type of work will be crucial for people who are able to maintain control of their minds and defy psyop’s. Many as they grow and learn will absolutely struggle with applying the skills mentioned to the events occurring to them. All of us will need to take on the task of mediating between members of our groups, and also aiding them in becoming more efficient in their practice. It became apparent to me recently that to see more unity in our movements we must do more than demand it on Facebook. Likewise if our movements require decentralization this may be the only way to effectively guide others without having any leaders. I am not going to elaborate too much on how this is traditionally implemented but instead make an analogy. If the provocateur is the mental illness and the psyop is the symptom, then DBT is the cure and through Intentional Peer Support we effectively will be the counselors. Again, I in no way write these thoughts to allege anyone to have a mental illness or require therapy. I simply see a way to put many different things I’ve learned in my life into a practice that may give our movements a fighting chance. We are our strongest together and through IPS we can maintain that strength with greater ease as time progresses.

I want to start this section off with a few brief sentiments. First off, this is just my opinion only and is also a work in progress that I hope will benefit from collaboration in the future. If you even found this article on my page in the first place then the chances are you are walking into this with an open mind and education under your belt already. Unity does not and will likely never mean “everyone agrees on everything” as that will always be impossible. The reason divide and conquer works is because it can cause so much disharmony that a majority of members begin to think no change is possible because all they see is fighting. The fighting will likely always be there, as will the disagreements and we are just going to have to work through it. I hope these ideas will show merit in doing so but truthfully we are in uncharted territory and will not know until we try it. We will all need to compromise with others sooner or later if we haven’t already and if we spend all our time fighting each other then we really won’t change anything. If we can get to a point where we can lessen our guard with others who hold different opinions we can get to a point where healthy debate is possible and we can work together in a more effective fashion. Seeing the manifests in France opened my eyes immensely. As it was put to me, in many cities the groups can spend as much time during the week disagreeing as we do, and its a thankless task overcoming these odds but they do it, and show up every Saturday. Knowing the system is the true enemy and not each other many have taken on the role in assisting to redirect people and perform regular conflict reduction as I have begun to illustrate. They are in no way without their own issues, setbacks, and roadblocks but they also clearly have a method of their own to combat division and stick together. There was ample evidence that large portions of their society do not agree with their movement, some support the corrupt politicians, and different generations absolutely do struggle to maintain common ground. The key element is actively putting in work to find and keep that common ground, and it takes immense effort. We are going to have to agree to work out many details at the finish lines and also remind ourselves often that nearly all of us are fighting the same people for the same reasons and to achieve any semblance of peaceful revolution we will have to employ acceptance and tolerance to stop fighting each other. Never once in France did I see protests like I see here in America, multiple groups in conflict protesting each other. One of their greatest reoccurring victories each week appeared to be their marching in unison every weekend to eliminate a wide array of issues, despite all having different opinions and visions of the outcome. Issues absolutely exist there and everywhere, Seeing France reminded me how even two very different cultures can experience the same issues as at the end of the day we are all still human. In many ways I hope that in enacting this hypothesis it could also prove useful there for their version of the same problems. Human nature will always be human nature, and once we all understand how we operate we can work towards equipping ourselves to be protected against manipulation. Learning to work together and resist the psyop’s will not only empower the people, but it will also deal massive damage to that which oppresses us all.

1. With that all said I would say the first thing that needs to be done for this to work is lay groundwork. The frame of this idea will seemingly need to be a network of capable individuals who understand not only what were all up against but also possess a strong willingness to set differences aside for the greater good. These individuals will likely need to spend time at first actively assisting others to resolve conflict. I would see this being most effective if we all first work through our inner circles not only collaborating on this model, but then sharing it with each other. We could in practice use these concepts to create alliances between groups within each state as well as between different states. There would be nobody in charge with this idea, and likewise no leaders. Once this network is formed there will be many people capable of working outwards from where they are positioned.

2. I think it will become useful to start a campaign or op to “wake up” Americans to the solution we hopefully establish to the psyop’s. I believe once enough people hear that a solution exists their curiosity alone will lead to many inquiries. If we are able by this point to establish enough people who understand the concept, and have also tested enough on a small scale to ascertain its merit we can properly market this model through social media and in real life. What I hypothesize will happen here is that it may become a tad more difficult before it gets better. People will need to practice and as large amounts of people are encouraged to attempt discussion with others they previously wouldn’t it is only natural that disharmony will likely ensue. The original core network will need to put in work here mediating a bit, but not in the sense of telling people they are right or wrong. What would be more effective is going back to the skills and helping all people learn how to use them in the field. When these skills are taught, a huge piece of it is analyzing ones experiences to evaluate what worked and didn’t so they can find a more effective method. The role of the core network would be to guide others through these hard times until they are comfortable standing on their own. Ultimately this process could be continually radiated outward until enough people are comfortable that psyop’s and division will no longer limit our ability to organize boots on the ground direct action.

3. Once boots are on the ground we are going to all need to be able to perform these same tasks in the real world. By the time we see peaceful revolution our oppressors will pull out all the stops to limit us and break us down. However we decide to organize it, there will need to be crisis intervention teams at protests who are well versed in these skills and conflict reduction. Not unlike the street medics, these individuals would effectively be peace keepers tasked with countering psyop’s with neutrality.


CONCLUSION: To wrap all of this up I’d like to state the obvious and note how this is not the end, but the beginning. If enough people find some merit to my hypothesis I hope we can form a network of people adept in these or similar techniques. I’ve stated it many times but this is no more than a theory at this point that I hope can be proven valid and ultimately serve a purpose to help all of us. I hope that we can develop our own resistance tactics to defy mental oppression and propaganda and get to a point where we can actually improve our world. I do not at all want to tell people what to do or how to do it so this needs to become a collective effort. This needs to become something we all collaborated on and have faith in. I hope that feedback results as a result of writing this and most of all I hope this can inspire enough people that we can create a solution to a huge roadblock in everyone’s way.
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