How to get involved

Become your own leader

Become your own Authority

Write your legislator

Change only happens when the people are no longer silent! Put your writing skills to the test and contact your legislator with your grievances. 

Join rallies

There are rallies in most areas every weekend. Make your signs and put boots on the ground. Join a rally in your area. 

Start a rally

Become your own leader by starting your own state rally. We have a few state groups that need an admin. Contact us if you would like to become a group admin.

Help by sponsoring

Sponsor a rally

When you sponsor a rally, more people are able to contribute to the activities. The donations go to gas, food, and lodging to those that could not afford to attend a rally without your help. It is kind sponsor’s like you that make large rallies possible.

Thank you

Yellow Vest USA is not a non-profit (501c3), so your donations are not tax deductible. 

Rally for past future generations