No justice for Frances Gilets Jaunes

Warning **GRAPHIC**

Paris­­— The satirical weekly newspaper called Révélation du Canard Enchaîné (Revelation of the Chained Duck/Paper), leaked its finding on the corrupt justice system in France. The publication could not put a humorous spin on its findings.

It found that out of the 227 complaints filed by various injured Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) from police brutality, not one has succeeded going through the corrupt court system.

In fact, all the complainants are still waiting on any word that the proper authorities are investigating. Some of these complaints are several months old and could go back as far as the end of 2018.

Macron, Frances President gave the order back in December of 2018 to use any means necessary to disband the Yellow Vest movement in Paris. Since the order, the police brutality has escalated to the point anyone caught in the streets can be subjected to the police brutality. Civilians that are not involved in the Yellow Vest movement have been beaten and injured.

Some civilians involved in the Yellow Vest Movement have been so severely injured their lives will never be the same. Some of them are missing eyes, and carry life altering scars on their faces. Some have had to have their jaws surgically put back on them after police shot them in the face blowing it completely off.

The police brutality against the innocent civilians practicing their right to demonstrating in the streets is not only intolerable, but a symptom of the Wetiko or Ouroboros that is engulfing all of us in this New World Order.

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