NRA under fire for supporting red flag law

A new strategic tactic being deployed to take down the NRA is Red Flag Laws. Over the last few years this tactic has escalated, and it has doubled in 2019. Every state has introduced legislation in one form or another that leaves the door wide open to dissolve our 2nd amendment (2A) right to bear arms.

The NRA has always been the strongest lobbyist that fight against these backdoor policies that infringe on our 2A. They spend millions of dollars every year fighting corrupt anti-2A legislation. They have been the strongest supporters protecting our 2A.

But now the red flag legislation is flooding into every state at a money draining rate for the NRA to continue to fight against.  

It is no secret that the NRA is in financial trouble with the organization showing $30M in the red. This did not happen overnight. It started with Ackerman McQueen their go-to marketing team that has been siphoning 14% of the NRA’s total budget ($42 million, 2017) and NRA putting another $4.8M into lobbying. This is not to mention the money that was given to the Trump campaign ($36 million, 2016) and another $18M into lobbying (2016).

Once salaries are factored into this equation, like LaPierre’s (CEO) $1M; it is not hard to see the NRA’s supporters can’t keep up with the money being spent. In fact, on the NRA’s website it states it only received $23K in contributes in 2018. It does not show the money raised through newsletters, sporting events, swag, and gun safety education and training programs. NRA memberships have been on the decline since 2001.

So, I must ask, “where are they getting all the money they are shoveling out?”

“Could it be by helping to sponsor pro-gun-control legislation?”

The NRA is now under fire by its supporters because of LaPierre’s sudden 180 that supports ERPO (Extreme risk protection order). If this passes it would mean that one person could make a report and Law enforcement could break down your door and confiscate your guns.

The following conditions NRA would support, but I posted some questions you should ask yourself:

  • It would be up to you to prove your innocents in a court of law.
  • Can you afford a good attorney?
  • It will be up to you to prove you are not mentally ill.
  • Will you be able to choose your own psychiatrists or therapist?
  • It would be up to you to prove you do not pose a significant risk of danger to yourself or others.
  • Was it a court appointed psychiatrist or therapist that did the evaluation on you?
  • It would be up to a judge to decide whether you meet the state standard for involuntary commitment.
  • Do you know your state standards?

If you are judged unfit:

  • An ex-parte proceeding would decide to admit you for treatment.
  • Who are these ex-parte members?
  • Your 2A would be temporarily deprived.
  • For how long and if found innocent, would all the proceedings be stricken from the records?
  • All your firearms would be relinquished to law-abiding third parties, local law enforcement, or a federally licensed firearms dealer.
  • Not a question just… Good luck getting them back…

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” ~2A

So, let us imagine a neighbor lodges a complaint against you. All the neighbor would have to say is they have a crazy neighbor who they know has a gun(s). The agency would ask the complainant questions, and we all know an individual’s perspective can be bias. So, the answer to the questions could be biased. It would still be grounds for gun confiscation. Your 2A right has just been infringed upon. Your 2A no longer stands in its pure state. It is gone! It is now your job to defend your right not to be infringed upon.

So, why is the NRA backing ERPO? Could it be they no longer have the money to lobby against it because of all the red flag legislation being forced through at an exponential pace, and the organization’s spending is so extravagant it no longer can monetarily keep up? Maybe if they support it, they can continue to survive in the cutthroat world of politics.

But one thing we all know, the NRA has been compromised!

There are some petitions below to stop all red flag laws. Please sign

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