Revolution social network


The next level in social platforms

Live wall feed

Stay up-to-date with your live wall feed

Start a group

Start a group for projects or your organization

Call your friends

The Features VIOP calling

Group and private chat

Start a group or private chat

It doesn't end there

there is much more...

Start a page

Start your own organization or business page


Are you tired of the same old profile color, with Revolution you can change your profile colors.

Live video conferencing chat

Go live on your feed, page, and group with video conferencing. This feature lets your friends and followers interact with you for a true social experience.

Mobile app

Mobile access


Revolution is the next generation of social networking. It is unbridled sharing fun. The users control the platform. Keep scrolling for more details.

Revolution platform

The Revolution social platform puts the power back into your hands. It is run by the people. You decide what happens to your data and the content that is allowed on the social site.

Natural law (legal norms) determines what is allowed and what is not allowed on this social platform. No more will a small group of CEOs determine what is allowed and what is not allowed. “We the people” decide the content.

Voting determines what is allowed and what is not allowed (Natural law, legal norms). If a person questions content, it will be put to a vote and the majority vote determines if it is allowed or not allowed on the site.

Your data has made Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon billions. You were the ones that trained their algorithms and made smart learning machines possible. But did you see a dime for your data they used by implementing dark patterns? Did they ever clearly explain to you how your data was going to be used? Do you know where to access that information on their sites? Do you have hours to spend reading through their legal jargon once you do find that information?

Since Revolutions is run by the people, you will control your data and content. You will decide whether your content will be used to make you money (yes, that is right, your data can make you money), or whether you want your data to ALWAYS stay in your control. You will also control the type of currency for your payout.

The more money Revolution makes, the more money its users make. Since the community runs it, the community gets paid for their work. Your content can make you money. Don’t quit your day job, but it can put some cash in your pockets each month.

The more Revolution grows, the higher the payouts the users receive.

Revolution will use state of the art algorithms to continue to grow smart machines, and since you determine the content, you help design these smart machines. You determine the direction AI’s grow.

The Revolution social platform is like all the other social sites on the market. This helps the users adapt more efficiently to this platform. The major deference is the users control the content. The more relevant your content is will help attract viewers, the higher the views, the higher the payout.

This is a lateral system, so it eliminates all hierarchy.

Revolution specs:

Tabs for different feeds (only you will know), this is handy when working for a company that spies on your public profile. Send the company to your “business” tab, while your friends see your public feed.

Choose your preference: Left-handed-right-handed

Customizable profile colors

Profile landing page or default page

wide range of gifs or create your own in the marketplace give them away for free or charge for them.

If you want “world” ads displayed on your feed, then get a cut of the revenue (if the ad produces), also you decide what ads to display on your feed.

Send an ad out to your friends for free, if you want the world to see it then it is a (paid feature).

Fundraising: Lets Users pay you directly using their PayPal or Credit Cards. Revolution gets a 5% cut.

Live Video/Audio Calls: Live Video/Audio Chat with your friends in Real-time.

Featured Users: Promote your profile to get more followers.

Promote Posts: Promote your posts to reach more audiences.

Multimedia Upload: Upload a wide range of files: jpg, png, gif, mp3, mp4, pdf, zip, doc, docx and more

Reactions: React to posts in a variety of ways: Like, dislike, Love, laugh, Wow, Sad, Angry.

Live Chat: Real-time live chat system. Allows online users have live private conversation.

Messages: Send and receive private messages from other Users or Pages.

API for Developers: Develop android or iOS apps using API

User Timeline: Displays user’s public profile along with Stories, Photos, Events posted and shared by user, user’s current events and activities and more.

Page Timeline: Displays page’s public information along with Stories, Photos, Events posted by Page and more.

Group Timeline: Displays group’s information along with Stories, Photos, Events posted by the members of Group.

Cover: Dynamic & Draggable Cover for users, pages and groups timeline.

Home/News Feed: Displays Stories, Events, Photos posted by friends/followed people, pages, and groups, also story filters and follow/friend’s suggestions.

Notifications: Receive notification whenever someone likes, comments or shares your post, mentions you in a post or follows you/adds you as friend.

#Hashtags: Displays trending and related topics shared by people and pages worldwide.

@Mentions: Use @usernames to tag people in a status.

Soundcloud, YouTube, Google Maps API Ready:

Likes: Like, dislike or unlike a post. View list of people who likes this.

Shares: Share or un-share a post. View list of people who shared this.

Search: Search for people, pages or groups.

Reports: Click review to have stories and comments checked be voted on by the community.

Privacy: Control who can message you, follow you, post on your timeline, confirm follow requests or not, etc.


Turn On/Off notifications for posts.

Verified Profiles and Pages.

Password recovery by email or username.

Fully responsive on all desktop, laptop, smartphones and tablets.

Fully interactive, dynamic and ajax-based.

and much more.

Revolution Mission

To put the power and authority back in the hands of the people.

Revolution Vision

To put the power of the internet and WWW back into the hands of the people.

*Revolutions is part of the Yellow Vest USA networking platform in conjunction with Yellow Vest TV.