Articles of Resolution

Articles of Resolution:

By: Aaron Dietrich

Article 1: Election reform to guarantee free and fair elections

Article 2: A complete independent review and reform of our political system, including; non election funding of parties and individuals, corporate political lobby access/restriction, ending two-party control

Article 3: End the Federal Reserve and use of fiat currency, review and reform our economic system, and tax system

Article 4: Break up all major monopolies, including; banks, media, communication, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food production, transportation, and energy production and distribution

Article 5: A complete independent review and reform of our large corporation news media regulations, restrictions, and insurances to prevent intentional misinformation from government or any other interest and guarantee free speech, equal coverage, and access

Article 6: A complete independent review and reform of our Dept of Justice and Justice System and end to private prisons

Article 7: Immigration System and enforcement to first guarantee national sovereignty and security, while secondly, providing legal immigration and asylum

Article 8: A complete independent review and reform of our Housing and Development (HUD &?) with a mandate to house 100% of U.S. veterans first, then the disabled, single parents, women, and men with a focus on ending homelessness completely

Article 9: Repeal of all prohibitions of naturally occurring substances, end the national and international drug war, end criminal treatment of substance users and include substance abuse treatment in health care

Article 10: A complete independent review and reform of our health care system, pharmaceutical industry, Dept of Health, Dept of Ag, FDA, and CDC

Article 11: A complete independent review and reform of our EPA to ensure all human and ecological considerations come before corporate or economic considerations, and fair access must be balanced with preservation

Article 12: End our alliance with the UN and NATO and create new international security treaties that will put national and personal sovereign rights before any other concern and will not favor one nation or group of nations to put corporate interests over any other or become any other international force other than international sovereignty concerns and dispute arbitration

Article 13: A complete independent review and reform of our Department of Education and Federal education guidelines and goals

Article 14: A release of all secret or classified technologies or medicines that have been developed or recovered by the government that would be beneficial to people and/or the environment

Article 15: A return of rule of law in regards of congressional approval for ALL military action (no loopholes for war vs military action). Any potential actionable intel used as a basis for military action must be verifiable and must be at least presented to a bipartisan committee to be reviewed, and if action is decided the intel must be made public with as little redaction as possible, before a vote in congress can be made (real rough)