The scam through fraudem legis

Fraudem legis is a Latin term which means in fraud of law. It includes any act done with the fraudulent intention of evading law” (US Legal, Inc.)

What would you do if you found out someone committed a heinous crime to scam millions of people out of their hard-earned money? Now what would you do if you found out it was blamed on someone else? To take it further, what would you do if it was done by your own government to raise money to cover up poor spending habits, invest in insider trading, or just line their own pockets?

This con game is so heinous I had to invent a word just to write about it and categorize the crimes of the actor[s] and the actions. Govartifice is the combination of the Latin word artificium, and the old French word Government. As a noun it can be used to name the ruling person or groups of ruling class. As a verb it can be used to describe the actions (see description below). The individual person will be named what they are, Govartifice-grifters, the legislative body, and Govartifice-grafters, presidents and their cabinet members, dictators, monarchies, etc. the ones put in charge to rule over others.

The con

Grifters make it into office playing the short game, playing off people’s emotions. The Grafters get elected by playing the long game, they are sponsored or have their own money to spend bribing their way into the elections. A Grafter will also make secret promises to foreign and domestic entities.

While elected Govartifice-Grifters are not as well respected as the elected Govartifice-Grafters, both learn how to create a symbiotic relationship to pull off the biggest public cons.

Historic govartifices have been Nixon’s insurance con. This involved putting a public traded middle-company between you and your health; you and your driving; you and just about any important function of your life that would allow an individual independence. You are now dependent on a middle-company for all your independent needs. This is a long game con. The Govartifices all hold stock in these public traded companies.

An even older historic govartifice would be setting up the Federal Reserve. But this will be for another article.

The most successful Govartifice setup NGO’s (non-government organizations) and charities that launder massive amounts of money and siphon it upwards. This money can be used to cover up poor spending habits, fund illegal activities, bribery, or just line the Govartifice-grifter’s and Govartifice-grafter’s pockets. It is the safest place for govartifices to manage and disperse massive amounts of money. NGO’s and charities have very few eyes on them, transactions can be very hard to trace and follow, because there are thousands of them out there.

Cash grabs

Because it is so easy to setup a charity and/or NGO’s, cash grabs are easily concealed. It can turn illegal activity into legal transactions. The public are the biggest contributors to this kind of govartifice scam because of the heinous nature of the crime, it pulls at the heartstrings of any caring and compassionate person. This type of govartifice can also illicit large sums of money from foreign governments and their citizens. This cash grab involves millions and sometimes billions of dollars.

One of the largest govartifices to date in the United States was 9/11. It generated over 1.4 billion documented dollars. This number does not include the aid from foreign countries. The public payout was only 324 million. There is over 1 billion that was not dispersed. Most if not all the repair spending came from the collected taxes. This heinous activity made Govartifices wealthy overnight.

Govartifice is not limited to the United States, just recently the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France, was set on fire. In two days, it has already raised more than 1 Billion dollars in foreign and domestic public aid laundered through NGO’s and charities. That number does not reflect the monetary aid coming from foreign governments. The repairs to the cathedral roof will only take a small fraction of the cash grab.

To make this even more sinister and to divert attention away from the con like all grifters and grafters do, a false narrative is presented to the public through controlled outlets. While the public looks one way, the Govartifice will cleverly conceal most of the funds raised. The control of the media outlets for this govartifice is critical for it to continue to be successful. So far to date the Muslim’s are the chosen villains. Notice how the heinous acts are blamed on a religious practice and not a set group of people? It makes the villain impossible to track and hunt down (grifters and grafters know this). It is the art of the shell game. It is the same as telling the public Christens, Catholics, or the Jewish people did it.

This tactic is used to dis-empower the public and keep them forever searching for the culprit. It is a deceitful practice and commonly used by the Govartifice.  

So why does the Middle East, with the highest population of Muslims, stay silent? They don’t but like all grifts and grafts, the Govartifices keep creating more elaborate diversions to keep them from being heard by the public. This is where controlling the narrative becomes imperative. There are also Govartifices in the middle east that get a cut to remain silent.  

Govartifice’s are so skilled and successful in the art of con, the public they rule over are no longer seen as people, they are now seen as “marks”!

Govartifice (noun) A body of ruling class that are underhanded and skilled at deception. This can be applied to a single individual that rules or governs over others.

Govartifice (Verb) (third-person singular simple present govartifices, present participle govartificing, simple past and past participle govartificed) The governments crafty and strategic maneuvers that uses some clever means to avoid detection or capture.

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